Frequently asked questions

Does Frontier Armory LLC ship internationally?

Frontier Armory LLC does not ship internationally. Please note that shipments to APO addresses are subject to export restrictions. Products such as magazines and many weapon accessories subject to ITAR cannot be shipped to APO addresses.

Does Frontier Armory LLC offer MIL/ LEO discount?

Yes, Frontier Armory LLC does offer discount for first responders, military, law enforcement officers and firefighters. Proof of eligibility is required to obtain discount. Please contact Frontier Armory LLC to start the eligibility process.

Does Frontier Armory LLC offer returns?

Yes, Frontier Armory LLC accepts returns. Please see the SHIPPING AND RETURN PAGE for more details. Frontier Armory LLC does not accept returns without prior communications and arrangements.

Does Frontier Armory LLC ship magazines to states where strict gun control is in place?

No, Frontier Armory LLC will not ship magazines and other products that are considered to be banned in that specific state. Please be aware of your local and state laws before placing an order. Frontier Armory LLC will review applicable state and local laws before sending out firearm accessories to the customers to ensure compliance with existing local and state laws.

Why did Frontier Armory LLC cancel my order?

Frontier Armory LLC's acknowledgement of an order means that your order request has been received, and does not guarantee your order has been accepted or shipped, or that the price or availability of an item has been confirmed. There are a few reasons why we may need to cancel an order, such as: • Item became unavailable • Incorrect address • Invalid payment method • Inaccuracies in product availability, information or pricing If Frontier Armory LLC is unable to fulfill the item, you will receive a cancellation notice and a refund to your credit/ debit card - if a payment has been submitted. Please allow up to 6 business days for the refund to be issued.

How fast will Frontier Armory LLC ship out my order?

Frontier Armory LLC will try to ship out the order as soon as possible. Sometimes a delay of a few days can be expected. That delay depends on the order volume Frontier Armory LLC is experiencing.

Does Frontier Armory LLC sell R4/ R5 or R6 kits or barrels?

No, Frontier Armory LLC does not sell parts kits or barrels.

Does Froniter Armory LLC offer lifetime warranty?

Most of our products are covered by a lifetime warranty except our South African Denel parts. Please contact Frontier Armory LLC for more details on getting your product serviced/ exchanged.