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Drastically reduces wear and gas blow back when using a suppressor on the HK G36 and clones. Please ensure it fits your barrel profile prior to purchase.


Position N: Normal use without suppressor
Position SD: Suppressor mode
Position 1: When over gassed in Position SD
Position 2: When over gassed in Position 1
Position N+: For use with low pressure ammunition or when undergassed in Position N


Adjustable without tools from the front, when used with short Quad-Rail or Slimline Handguard and fast and simple installation; no gunsmithing required.


Material: Steel
Surface: Nitrided
Weight: 180 g
Manufacturer: Waffen Burk (Germany)


Including: 2 new roll pins and user manual/installation guide (German)


Advice: Use the original HK roll pins. The new roll pins shopuld only be used, if the original pins do not provide enough tension.

5 Position Gas Block G36

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