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The ALPHA-1 quadrail handguard sets your AKM apart from all others - it's made out of extremely durable aluminum, creating a sturdy and reliable platform for any attachments.


It is a 2-part kit, with an upper and a lower handguard. Some filing and fitment is needed to ensure it sits properly on your rifle. This handguard is compatible with the B-33 rail from Zenitco.


The ALPHA-1 compatibility: AKM47, AKM74, AK 100 series and rifles based on them. Not compatible with AK with milled recievers, only stamped recievers. It does NOT fit on Yugo-pattern AK rifles.


Set consists of 2 parts of the handguard and 8 screws.

Color: black



The ALPHA quadrail is made in Turkey by a reputable manufacturer, adhering to EU and NATO standards. The handguard is extruded from aircraft grade aluminum.


Please see the link below for a how-to installation fo the handguard. Be aware that some PSA rifles do require more fitment than other AK-pattern rifles. That is due to the variety in tolerances of AK rifles.


Video Link KUSA ALPHA-1 Installation


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