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Designed for tactical and LE use, the mag Pouch provides quick and secure access to magazine and is compatible with any MOLLE device (plate carrier, chest rig, tactical vest, range bag, etc.).


  • Back, side and front panels have a rigid 0,059'in plastic carcass encased in fabric.
  • The plastic is threaded along with fabric for extra durability and zero gliding.
  • Due to solid panels, the mag can be easily inserted into the pouch and extracted from it.
  • The side panels are bound with rubber for better elasticity - the walls of the pouch can be folded back and in their default state they hug the magazine tightly, preventing it from falling out.
  • The front panel is outfitted with MOLLE for attaching other pouches (such as an AK pouch or a grenade pouch).
  • The upper part of the pouch has a rubber with a belt band for securing the upper part of the mag for an extra safe carrying.
  • The side rubber is hidden between the two straps, safe from damage or getting worn out.
  • The back side of the pouch has 3 MOLLE rows. The lower strap is doubled while the lacing strap has a rigid insert for keeping pouch straps fixed in place by rotating the solid handle between the straps.
  • The back side is longer than the rest for quickly sliding the mag down the pouch.
  • The pouch fits AR, AK, G3, FN FAL, R4, ... mags


- CORDURA® 1000 den
- Black, Coyote, Camo, Olive


Width: 2.9 in
Depth : 1.2 in
Front panel height: 5.5 in
Back panel height: 6.3

Mag Pouch "Kolchan"

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