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This is a South African LM5 parts kit, ensuring you have all the necessary parts to make it an LM5 pistol/ SBR. The base kit is a Galil SAR parts kit that has a few items swapped to make it truly South African. Below are the parts listed that are South African in the kit.


South African parts:

  • LM5 gas tube
  • LM5 handguard
  • LM5 pistol grip
  • LM front sight and front sight hood
  • LM stock


This kit does include a bullet guide.


Parts kit is in good condition. Night sights have been removed from the kit. Some items have some marks on them yet do not cause any issues to overall functionality of the firearm once assembled.


Kit does not include barrel and receiver. The kit has been demilled to BATFE specs.


Plese be aware this is not an LM5 parts kit! Solely a few Galil SAR parts were exchanged in order to ensure the kit can be easily built into a Vektor LM5.

South African Ready LM5 Galil Parts Kit

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